The Team

Rianna Walcott – Director and Co-Founder

Rianna Walcott is a PhD candidate at King’s College London researching black identity formation in digital spaces, and a graduate twice-over from the University of Edinburgh. She writes about feminism, race, and literature for publications including gal-dem, Dazed, The Skinny, Vice, the Guardian, and the BBC. Rianna is co-editor of The Colour of Madness, an anthology about BAME mental healthand in the time she has left over she moonlights as a professional jazz singer. Find her on twitter @rianna_walcott, or on her website,

Hannah McGurk – Managing Editor

Hannah McGurk is a second year English Literature and German student at the University of Edinburgh. Her interests lie in media and publishing, with work experience in journalism, social media branding and archival research. She’s an avid reader of chick lit, African-American and post-colonial literature, and hopes to bring that passion to the Project Myopia team.

Samirah Siddiqui – Social Media Intern

Samirah Siddiqui is a graduate from the University of Sussex with an MSc in Global Biodiversity Conservation. Her research focuses on marine biology and conservation in Pakistan, and intersections within the decolonization discourse, influenced by her upbringing between Pakistan and the UK. Her goal is to diversify and decolonize the narrative in the climate justice movement and STEM, which she aims to bring to Project Myopia. She is currently based in Berlin and can be found on twitter @SamirahSiddiqui

Natasha Ruwona – Outreach Intern

Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is an artist, arts educator and curator based in Glasgow.  Her arts practice is research based and deals with the topics of post-colonialism and the processes of decolonisation through the mediums of poetry, digital art and performance.  Natasha’s curatorial practice prioritises the presence of People of Colour within these spaces through challenging these structures and by creating opportunities for PoC.  She is a project Co-ordinator for the collective UncoverED at University of Edinburgh, and currently works for Glasgow Short Film Festival and is an assistant producer for Claricia Parinussa.

Maria Elena Carpintero Torres-Quevedo – Editor

Maria Elena Carpintero Torres-Quevedo is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She previously studied at the University of Seville, and Cornell University. Maria’s current research explores contemporary American women’s narratives of identity construction, focussing on the relationship between genre conventions and identity. Her Twitter handle is @mariaelenactq.

Veronica Vivi – Editor

Veronica is a recent graduate from ‘MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present’ at the University of Edinburgh. After completing her undergraduate degree in Italy, she fell in love with Scotland and decided to stay. Her academic interests focus on contemporary literature and in particular feminist writing and activism through the arts.

Ketaki Zodgekar – Editor

Ketaki Zodgekar is currently studying Political Science and Philosophy at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is a writer, singer-songwriter and radio DJ – catch her work at and her tweets at @k_zod

Toby Sharpe – Co-Founder

Toby Sharpe is an award-winning writer and editor from London, whose work has been praised for its “precise execution and fresh tone”. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of British Columbia. He has two degrees in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. You can find his creative writing at One Sentence Poems, the Glasgow Review of Books, and Adjacent Pineapple, as well as in other publications.