The Team

Rianna Walcott – Co-Founder

Rianna Walcott is a PhD candidate at King’s College London researching black identity formation in digital spaces, and a graduate twice-over from the University of Edinburgh. She regularly writes about feminism, race, and literature for publications including gal-dem, The Skinny, and The Guardian. Rianna is associate editor for upcoming anthology about BAME mental health The Colour of Madness, and in the time she has left over she moonlights as a professional jazz singer. Find her on twitter @rianna_walcott, or on her website,

Toby Sharpe – Co-Founder

Toby Sharpe has two degrees from the University of Edinburgh. He misses living in Montréal, and currently calls London home. He is the co-founder of Project Myopia, a movement to diversify university curricula, and his poetry can be found in publications such as The Glasgow Review of Books, and One Sentence Poems.

Nanxy Huang – Intern

Nanxy is currently a Politics and Sociology student at University of Bristol, with a strong interest in social exclusion and isolation. Their dream is to run an arts-workshop-café-printing press.

Maria Elena Carpintero Torres-Quevedo – Editor

Maria Elena Carpintero Torres-Quevedo is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She previously studied at the University of Seville, and Cornell University. Maria’s current research explores contemporary American women’s narratives of identity construction, focussing on the relationship between genre conventions and identity. Her Twitter handle is @mariaelenactq.

Veronica Vivi – Editor

Veronica is a recent graduate from ‘MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present’ at the University of Edinburgh. After completing her undergraduate degree in Italy, she fell in love with Scotland and decided to stay. Her academic interests focus on contemporary literature and in particular feminist writing and activism through the arts.

Ketaki Zodgekar – Editor

Ketaki Zodgekar is currently studying Political Science and Philosophy at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is a writer, singer-songwriter and radio DJ – catch her work at and her tweets at @k_zod

Muireann crowley – Editor

Muireann Crowley is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis research examines the representation of authorship and authorial identity in the early works of Irish writer Sydney Owenson (177? – 1859). More broadly, she is interested in feminist histories, critical pedagogy, and book history. She is an active member of UCU Edinburgh.

Jahna Hampshire – Editor

Jahna Hampshire is an English Literature undergraduate studying at the University of Bristol. Jahna is currently working on her dissertation which investigates masculinity and myths of male intellectual superiority. In her spare time, Jahna works on destroying the kyriarchy and thinking of ways to make her feminism more intersectional.

Abigail Eardley – Editor

Abigail Eardley is an English literature undergraduate at the University of Oxford who regularly diverges from the curriculum to study underrepresented authors. When not editing or writing for Project Myopia, university newspapers, or journals, she is reading something contemporary to balance a mostly-ancient university reading list.

Karl Egerton – EDITOR

Karl Egerton recently completed his PhD at Birkbeck, University of London on the methodology of contemporary metaphysics, and he now divides his time between academic writing, fiction writing, and work in publishing. He currently lives in Oxford.