The Team

Rianna Walcott – Director and Co-Founder

Rianna Walcott is a PhD candidate at King’s College London researching black identity formation in digital spaces, and a graduate twice-over from the University of Edinburgh. She writes about feminism, race, and literature for publications including The Wellcome Collection, Dazed, The Skinny, Vice, the Guardian, and the BBC. Rianna is co-editor of The Colour of Madness, an anthology about BAME mental healthand in the time she has left over she moonlights as a professional jazz singer. Find her on twitter @rianna_walcott, or on her website,

Hannah McGurk – Managing Director

Hannah McGurk is a writer, researcher and facilitator from South London, and an English Literature and German Graduate from the University of Edinburgh. Hannah is interested in how the legacies of imperialism and colonialism manifest in space and the daily life of people of colour. Hannah researches the ways we nourish ourselves and each other through food, crafts, nature, and art. She can be found on Twitter @nothannahmcgurk.

Maïa Walcott – Communications Coordinator and Outreach Manager

Maïa Walcott is a Social Anthropology graduate from the University of Edinburgh. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, painting, illustration and photography. Her works have been exhibited widely, from publication of paintings on the Wellcome Collection’s website, multiple illustrations with Project Myopia, an exhibition of her photography at Jupiter Artland and being hired as photographer for vibrant photo exhibitions such as The I’m Tired Project and Celestial Bodies.

Veronica Vivi – Editor

Veronica is a recent graduate from ‘MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present’ at the University of Edinburgh. After completing her undergraduate degree in Italy, she fell in love with Scotland and decided to stay. Her academic interests focus on contemporary literature and in particular feminist writing and activism through the arts.

temi lasade-anderson – Editor

temi lasade-anderson is a tech policy advocacy strategist and first-year LAHP/AHRC various civil society organisations and organised with senior MEPs on European digital rights and AI. Her research interests are digital intimacy, race, gender, and digital culture, and digital diaspora. In her PhD, she uses critical social theories such as intersectionality and Black feminist thought to examine and centre epistemologies and experiences of Black women on the Internet. She blends her academic work + tech policy expertise at alaàṣẹ lab, a Black feminist critical internet project.

Katya Zabelski – Editor

Katya Zabelski recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an undergraduate degree in Art History. Her final year dissertation focused on the appropriation of Ukrainian folk art symbols in Soviet propaganda, where she focused on issues around class, national identity, and political resistance in art. She used this dissertation to highlight the importance of challenging assumptions by researching and elevating suppressed or erased narratives. Katya is also the co-editor in chief at Radical in Progress, an educational website that focuses on providing free and accessible study guides on must-read social justice literature.

Jess Hannah – Editor

Jess Hannah recently completed a PhD in English at University College London, where her research focused on narrative authority and authoritarianism in the novels of post-war writers in Britain such as Brigid Brophy, Sam Selvon, Muriel Spark, and Christine Brooke-Rose. She is currently undertaking a research fellowship at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, where she is working on a project on surveillance and post-war politics considered in terms of the architecture of airports and public toilets in the 1960s, and another on country music.